Why Do Dog Breeders Have A Kennel Club Name?

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You can breed and register dogs without having a Kennel Club name, but most breeders will have a Kennel Club name.

A Kennel Club name is a registered name that is yours only, you attach this name to every dog you breed and so your kennel name will always be on the dogs’ pedigrees.

For example, a dog could be registered and named Evies Legend or instead it could be Evies Legend at Strawberieve (our Evie’s KC name). By adding the Kennel name you can immediately see where the dog was bred and gives the new family confidence and reassurance.

This is great for loads of reasons:

  • People can easily identify which dogs you have bred
  • You feel more ‘official’ and ‘proper’ as a kennel
  • It’s more professional and business-like
  • Gives adopters confidence and reassurance
  • Helps adopters immediately see your bloodlines in a pedigree
  • Your name will get to be known by other breeders
  • Your kennel name is on pedigrees of the puppies you breed (forever)
  • It’s a way of advertising your kennels
  • It creates awareness of your breeding, your dogs and your ethics and methods
  • It can make you more accountable – any mistakes will be traced straight back to you very easily
  • You can add your kennel name to a dog you adopt from another breeder (like we have done with Evie)
  • It can be in memory of a loved one
  • And loads more reasons!

There are rules and regulations when registering a Kennel Club name, like you can only add your own Kennel Club name to the end of a dog you have adopted instead of bred yourself.

Any future dogs you breed can all have your official Kennel Club name at the beginning.

Personally, I like having an official Kennel Club name because it makes our breeding sound professional and serious – which it is.

To me and my family, dog breeding is a serious thing, it requires time, energy, thought, love, sweat and dedication.

A Kennel Club name helps us portray this to people who are looking for a furry family member and others in the dog world, this is why we decided to have a Kennel Club name.

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