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We are a family of 8 humans and a variety of animals!


Please bare with us and keep coming back to see what we are up to, read our blog for advice and tales about our doggy family!

We have 6 kids, dogs, birds, fish, axolotl and turtles… (at the minute). You will see posts about our other animals on our blog and social media as we like to show them off too, they are all rescued pets so they hold a special place in our hearts, the same as the dogs do.

We are a family, first and foremost, but we like to do things to the best of our ability and as professionally as we can.

We’ve always loved all breeds of dogs and have always had dogs of different kinds, but Dogue de Bordeaux are just something a little extra special!

Growing up with big dogs like German Shepherds (or Alsatians as we called them then), Rottweilers and large mongrels, the decision to breed big dogs only makes sense I suppose!

We’ve spent a long time, learning a lot of stuff.

But that doesn’t mean we are super-duper experts who never do anything wrong or that we are stuck up because we’re not! We are just a normal family trying to get things right.

We have wanted to breed dogs for a long time, but never found the right time or dogs, or couldn’t decide on whether it was the ‘right thing‘ to do (adopting rescues vs buying a bred puppy is always on our minds) but now we think it’s the right time to give it a go!

We still believe in adopting pets.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any of our own rescues, but we also do think that breeding sensibly and responsibly to make the breed better is ok too. (I’ve personally struggled a lot with this.)

We have rescued/adopted dogs over the years and have also bought deliberately bred dogs, we have been lucky that we have loved them all and been loved back by them all too.

I want Strawberieve to breed healthy, loving, laid back family dogs of great quality.

I might not always get it right and I’m expecting to need a lot of help and advice at times, but this is only natural for someone starting something new.

I want to produce dogs that are a credit to their breed and their owners, I want to give my puppies a great start in life so they can settle into their new homes without any issues and stay with their new family until the end.

Evie’s Legend at Strawberieve

I don’t want our dogs to end up in a rescue or shelter, or bouncing from house to house.

You could argue I’m putting more puppies into the world to end up in rescues, simply because I’m breeding them, but my plan is to breed family friendly dogs who are laid back and fit into any family unit without any issues and so never need to be rehomed or end up in a rescue.

Saying that though, I’m not judging anyone who has ever had to rehome a dog (or any other pet), sometimes things happen and life changes, you don’t always have a choice to give up your pet. It’s a horrible position to be in.

I get that.

I have done so.much.research over the years about breeding (and rescues) it melts my mind sometimes, I can’t always remember it all though! (lol)

I do like to plan and ‘do things properly‘ so if I waffle on a lot, I apologise! If I overload with details, downloads or information, I apologise!

I just want people to have all the tools and information they need for a successful furry future. Besides, sometimes people don’t have all of the answers, I’d hate for someone to give up or struggle when all it would’ve taken was a bit of info typed out in a blog post or put in the Puppy Pack.

We’re right at the start of our breeding journey.

Our journey starts with our Evie (Evies Legend at Strawberieve), we’ve had her since she was 14 weeks old and brought her home on 20th March 2020 – the first official day of lockdown!

We did panic a little, worrying about socialising her during a nationwide lockdown, but we’re managing to do it and she is thriving!!

Evie won’t be ready to be bred until after June 2021, she will be old enough and have had enough seasons by then to start the breeding process.

We are so excited to start this journey.

We’re busy spending the time between now and when Evie is ready doing research, building our website and connecting with people on social media… Though it’s been a bit tricky with having to homeschool the kids during COVID-19 at the same time!!!

I’m planning on this website and our social media being as real as possible, which means seeing photos that haven’t been edited nicely, seeing kids’ toys and mess in the background and hearing nothing but bird squark in the background of every.single.goddamn.video cos they never shut up!! 😀

Thanks again for coming over to nosey at our website, and a big thanks if you’ve managed to read this far!!!!! 😀 😮

We will be adding more and more content over the coming weeks and months, so keep coming back to check what else we have going on.

You can contact us for more info on the Dogue de Bordeaux breed or possible future litters on our contact page, you can also catch up with us on social media too:

Instagram: @strawberieveddb

Pinterest: @strawberieveddb

Facebook: @strawberieveddb

Hope to connect soon!

Nicki x

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