Our Dog Breeding Journey

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I thought it might be an idea to keep a kind of diary of our dog breeding journey; for myself more than anything. I can keep a track of what I’ve tried (and failed) and it will help me remember stuff.

I already have a billion notebooks with notes, info, things I have thought of/tried/failed at etc spanning over at least ten years!! Some I’ve thrown away over the years thinking that I would never actually get around to dog breeding, some we lost in a house fire and some have been misplaced during house moves – the rest just clutter up the house!

(I’m guilty of collecting notebooks and stationery… and never using them because they’re too nice!)

Anyway, I’ve always thought about keeping a ‘proper’ journal or blog about breeding; the only trouble is it’s been years since I first considered breeding seriously, so most of the journey so far is lost or in notebooks that I don’t have time to copy over to the blog. So not everything will be documented on here but a lot of stuff will – I like to write/waffle so expect a fair bit of reading. 🙂

I’m only human, so you can also expect some pissed off posts, happy posts and possibly stressed and upset posts. I want to be open and honest but also I know I will end up deleting some stuff because it will embarrass me too much or I’ll be worried about what people think. 😮 😮

Most of our experiences will be in other sections of our blog, stories will be under Dog Tails and health issues will be under Health and Breed Info so don’t forget to check out other posts on the Strawberieve Dog Blog.

If you try to put up with me, I will try not to waffle too much shit! 🙂

Nicki x


My kids suggested I call this series of posts ‘Our Origin Story’ but that’s a bit too grand for our humble life lol.

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