The Ultimate Guide To The Best Dog Beds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do dog beds! But which type of dog bed is best??

Sometimes it can be tricky to decide which dog bed is best for your dog and the amount of dog beds on sale in shops and online can be overwhelming! Too many choices can lead to you not deciding on any dog bed, I’ve been there myself!

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know which dog beds are the best, have a look here at this week’s Best Dog Beds.

Tip: The dog beds on the link above are sometimes on sale – if you can get one for under £30 you’ve grabbed a bargain!

In this post, I will go through the different types of dog beds that are on the market; which ones I’ve tried over the years, which ones I like or love, which ones I’ve had problems with and the pros and cons of each type.

Most dog beds can be sorted into a few categories – hard plastic, hammock, snuggle, and now calming. Here are some examples of the different types of dog beds below.

Calming, fluffy plush puppy dog donut bed. Super comfy, warm and snuggly bed for your puppy or dog, available in different colours and sizes from via Amazon #dogbed #comfy #snooze #dogdays #relaxeddog #dogbeds #dogproducts #comfybedsfordogs
Hard Plastic BedsRaised Hammock BedsSnuggle BedsCalming Beds

Why Write An Ultimate Guide To Dog Beds??

If you’re like me, you want to get the best for your dogs, you love them like they are your kids because they are your kids! Getting the best sometimes means we just jump on the latest fashion trend and go with that, hoping for the best. But really it does pay to do a little bit of research and see what you can find out from people who have used them.

We have a new puppy again, so the other day I was asking myself the same question (again) – what is the best all-round dog bed? So I wanted to help you decide which kind of dog bed is more suitable for your dog, and remind myself which dog bed is better for a Dogue de Bordeaux puppy!

That’s why I wanted to write this Ultimate Guide to the Best Dog Beds, to help people make a genuine decision on which bed to buy using feedback of real experiences! I’ve honestly tried all of the dog beds mentioned in this ultimate guide over the many years we’ve had dogs, as a child and as an adult – so I can quite happily share my experiences and opinions to help you decide which dog bed is best for your dog.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Ok, So Which Dog Bed Is Best?

I know it is an incredibly long, in-depth post about dog beds of all things, but I wanted to give some comprehensive info about the different types of dog beds you can buy! Armed with all of the information in this post, including the photos, comparison charts and the reams of text, I truly believe you can find your fur baby the perfect dog bed!

If you don’t feel like reading through my Ultimate Guide To the Best Dog Beds, I have written the most important info into shorter, easier to digest chunks.

I’ve summarised which dog beds I think are best depending on what kind of dog you have, such as which dog bed is best for puppies or large dogs.

I’ve also created a simple comparison table for the different types of dog beds you can buy.

Do you want more than a quick summary? Then keep reading this ultimate guide to dog beds to see my genuine reviews of different types of dog beds, including pros and cons, because I think you should know what’s good and what’s bad about the dog beds before you buy them!

✅ The Best Dog Beds For…

? Best Dog Bed For Puppies

The best dog bed for puppies are the anti-anxiety, calming dog beds – I would choose these beds because of the calming and comfort factors. The downside is they aren’t waterproof and may need to be washed quite often. Although, if they are chewing, I would get a plastic bed until they stop teething.

? Best Dog Bed For Older dogs

The best dog bed for older dogs with arthritis or other joint problems are the calming dog beds or the snuggle beds – again because of the sheer comfort your dog will have when lying in one of these super soft beds. A snuggle dog bed with one lower side may be easier for your dog to get in and out of too.

? Best Dog Bed For Anxious Nervous Dogs

The best dog beds for anxiety and anxious, nervous dogs are obviously the anti-anxiety calming doughnut beds. You can’t go wrong with these beds to soothe your dog, if they are an older dog without toileting issues than these beds are absolutely perfect with no downsides at all.

? Best Dog Bed For Dogs Who Chew

The best dog beds for chewers have to be the hard plastic dog beds or the raised hammock dog beds. If you have a chewing puppy, you could get a plastic dog bed as they should grow out of the chewing. But if you have a dog who chews everything then I would definitely recommend getting a hammock bed. You can make both types of bed as comfy as you want and the hammock beds are virtually indestructible!

I wholeheartedly recommend plastic dog beds to anyone and everyone!! I love them and always end up going back to them!

This plastic dog bed by Petface is actually Amazon’s Choice, and if you have Prime, you can get it the next day!

And if that wasn’t good enough, as of today (30th September 2021):

Looking at reviews of the Petface plastic dog bed, most of the 1 star ratings were given because the rubber feet were missing, it came dirty and arrived broken – which will be down to the courier most likely. There have only been 5 1 star ratings in total – so most people seem to be very happy with their purchase!

A lot of the 5 star customer reviews for this bed stated that it was perfect for chewing dogs and puppies!! They also said they were perfect for larger dogs – both points I had actually written in this post myself before I even read the reviews!

You can read all of the customer reviews for this plastic dog bed on Amazon here.

? Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

The best type of dog beds for large dogs (such as Labradors and bigger) has to be the raised hammock dog beds, they are big enough to get 2-3 dogs on the largest ones! You can make them as comfy as you like and the practicality of them is awesome! Out of all of the different types of dogs beds available, I without doubt, wholeheartedly recommend the hammock style dog beds!

Different Dog Beds Comparison Table

Snuggle BedCalming BedHammock BedPlastic Bed
Calming, fluffy plush puppy dog donut bed. Super comfy, warm and snuggly bed for your puppy or dog, available in different colours and sizes from via Amazon #dogbed #comfy #snooze #dogdays #relaxeddog #dogbeds #dogproducts #comfybedsfordogs
Comfort Scale 1-5*4531
Available for Large DogsNONOYESYES
Suitable for Outside**NONOYESYÉS
Good AvailabilityYESYESYESYES
Amount of Colours15+8+6+5+
Needs AssemblingNONOYESNO
Price Range£20 - £100+£15 - £50£15 - £50£9 - £30
Calming, fluffy plush puppy dog donut bed. Super comfy, warm and snuggly bed for your puppy or dog, available in different colours and sizes from via Amazon #dogbed #comfy #snooze #dogdays #relaxeddog #dogbeds #dogproducts #comfybedsfordogs

*without extra cushions and blankets – ***in all weathers – ***natural lifetime of bed, without being chewed

The Different Types Of Dog Beds

Which dog bed do I think is best? We will find out at the end – let’s go through the good and bad features of each dog bed first.

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Hard Plastic Dog Beds

These kind of beds are some of the most longstanding and practical dog beds ever. They have stood the test of time and no matter how fashion changes, these types of dog beds are still mass produced every year.

A hard plastic dog bed is fantastic and I can’t fault it – too much anyway – let’s have a good look at them.


They are washable. This is top of my list because when you have puppies (or any age dog), a washable bed is a godsend!!!

Dogs get dirty and smelly, there’s no denying it, they all do. Even our Pug, Princess Peanut who avoids dirt (and water) as much as she can, gets messy and pongs after a while. So to have a dog bed that is washable is perfect.

All you need to do is take the dog bed outside and wash it down with disinfectant and warm water. Easy peasy. It’s also just as quick to dry!

They dry quickly. Hard plastic beds are plastic (you wouldn’t have guessed that, would you?) so that means they dry super quick too. This is another thing I adore about plastic beds. Once they’ve had a wash down, you just need an old towel or even kitchen roll and wipe it round to dry it. A few minutes later it’s ready to be used again!

Being so quick and easy to wash and dry really is a bonus when you are in a rush, if a dog is in season or you have puppies!! You can wash, dry and put the bed back out again within 10 minutes.

Perfect for mornings when the dog bed is looking a bit grim but you have to rush off to work or the school run soon!

We’ve always had hard plastic dog beds, even though we’ve had the fancy expensive super snuggly ones too, I’ve always got at least one plastic one somewhere. They are just so practical and easy, I could never bring myself to not use one!

You can get them practically anywhere. Plastic dog beds are sold pretty much everywhere; places online like eBay, Amazon, in online pet shops such as Monster Pets and in shops such as Pets at Home, Jollyes and Just For Pets. You can even buy plastic dog beds from most garden centres now too.

They are so readily available there’s no excuses not to have one – no selling out because they are the latest fad, no feeling of FOMO because everyone on Insta has one except you – no, these babies are everywhere and you can always find one to buy!

They are hardy af. All dogs like to chew and all dogs like to de-stuff soft toys. The same goes for beds too.

How many times have you bought a lovely soft toy for your dog, thinking they will love it and snuggle it forever – and then within two minutes it’s been ripped apart and its guts are all over the living room floor?? Well, my dogs tend to do that with soft dog beds too… Costing me a small fortune in replacement beds!

A hard plastic bed is ideal for when your pup is teething; no it isn’t a teething toy or recommended by experts, but as a lifetime dog owner I totally recommend letting your dog chew it. I’d much rather my dog chew their plastic dog bed rather than my coffee table legs or the kid’s toys.

Your dog will have hours of fun chewing and scraping their teeth on the side of their hard plastic dog bed while you can relax by watching tv and not worrying about your furniture. I’ve found that over the years our dogs have preferred to chew their dog bed rather than a dental toy when teething. I don’t know whether that’s because they can sit in bed and chew it or because it’s really tough so relieves the pain more or just because it used to drive me a bit mad when they would destroy it… but I quickly learnt to give in and let them get on with it. 😮

Colours are everywhere. Another thing I love about plastic dog beds is that now they come in different colours! Years ago they used to be black or brown but now they come in blues, pretty pinks, yellows, greens, reds and purples!! Much better! It means that they can fit into your rooms a bit nicer now, blend into the background a little more and just feel a bit more pretty! Having a dog bed in a colour other than black can make us feel more like we are spoiling our dogs!

Most plastic dog beds have rubber feet!

They have feet. In case you need another reason to buy a hard plastic dog bed, most of them now come with rubber feet to stop them from slipping around on laminate and tiles. I can remember the dog beds my Nan used to have when I was little, they were boring black and used to leave an oval rim shape in her carpet or slide about in the tiled kitchen floor. Annoying!

By adding a few little rubber feet, the bed manufacturers have stopped the beds from moving when our dogs get in and out and also reduced the markings left on carpets and flooring.

It might sound like something small and simple, but it’s the little things that make the difference in your life! Little conveniences are a win and make your life a little easier – imagine going back to wind up car windows now, after having electric ones for so long! Um, no thanks. Simple, but effective.

They come in a multitude of sizes! Whether you own a tiny, teacup Chihuahua, a Dogue de Bordeaux or Great Dane, you will find a plastic dog bed that is the perfect size for your pooch! Plastic dog beds now come in a mass of different sizes from something that would just about fit a kitten in, to something that would fit my 6 kids in. Comfortably. This is ideal for picking a dog bed suitable for a mass range of breeds and also different spaces in your home! They will fit practically anywhere.

Another pro is that they are cheap. I know that sounds really bad, but when you have a load of dogs or puppies or any other expense (kids), a cheap, longlasting dog bed is perfect. Value is everything.

If you tend to change dog beds a lot, because of the colour or the growing size of your pup (Evie) or your dog pack, the last thing you want to be doing is spending a small fortune on another bed just because you need it to be a bit bigger or a different colour. If they get ruined (chewed or broken by the kids using them as a sledge down the stairs) they are easy and cheap to replace.

With all of the other benefits of having a hard plastic dog bed, them being cheap to buy makes them one of my top choices as the best dog bed!

They are holy. No, not biblically. Some of the dog beds come with little holes in the bottom! This makes them smell slightly better because the air can circulate around those manky blankets more. Making your dog’s pit a bit more hygienic for them and for your home. We bought a cute hot pink plastic bed once for Peanut, it had little paw print cutouts in the bottom instead of holes! So sweet!

You can make them as comfy as you want. Another fantastic thing about plastic dog beds is that you can make them as comfy as you like! By adding blankets, sheets or cushions, you can give your dog a tailored, unique sleeping experience.

If your dog is in season or you’re toilet training a puppy, you can buy waterproof cushions to fit in the bottom of the bed. This means your dog is still comfy but it’s easy to keep the bed clean in case of any accidents.

If your dog likes to snuggle and burrow under blankets (our Peanut), you can easily add as many blankets as you like – if your dog gets too hot too quickly (our Peanut, sigh) you can have a blanket to lie on and then thin, cool sheets to hide under.

If your dog has had an operation or is older and needs a bit more comfort, stick some memory foam in there or more cushions to let them lie like a Queen! Plastic dog beds are so versatile! Which brings me to my next pro.

They are By adding blankets etc you can make the dog bed as comfy as possible but it can also blend in with the room’s decor! Matching cushions anyone??


I’m kinda struggling to find some cons for hard plastic dog beds… er…

They are rigid. So earlier I said how sturdy they are and can withstand a good chew and even the kids playing in them, well the downside to this is that they just don’t squidge. At all.

What I mean by that is that they are hard plastic, (doh!) there is no give in them. They won’t bend if you run the hoover into them, you can’t squash them in half and hide them under the stairs or behind the settee because you have a visitor coming. They are solid. You can’t squeeze a Great Dane sized plastic bed into a small space suitable for a Pug. It just won’t go.

They are plain. They don’t make any patterned ones – yet. At the time of writing this post, I can’t find any online or in shops that sell any patterned plastic beds. Which is a shame really. You could put some stickers on yours though to make it stand out a little more??

Erm, what else?? Oh, sometimes they can crack. If you try to drill air holes in the bottom, they can crack and break if not drilled correctly. They can also break when you move house and the removal van drops them onto the road. They can also break when your kids decide it’s fun to slide down the stairs in it.

They’re bugly? I suppose some people might think they are ugly and basic (bugly – sorry, I just made that up). Well, yes I can see what you mean and I’ve been guilty of this in the past and then bought one of those super fluffy, in fashion dog beds – which has lasted a few weeks (if I’m lucky) and then I’ve ended up going back to the good old reliable plastic bed! You can pretty the plastic dog beds up though with fabrics and blankets.

I honestly think that hard plastic dog beds are totally underrated and overlooked by their prettier cousins when really they are just as – or even morefab!

Snuggle Dog Beds

The next kind of dog beds we are going to look at are the snuggle type dog beds.

You know the kind I mean, they are made from all cushion, have 3 sides and come in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours.

I do love these beds, they just scream luxury and comfort – if I could get an adult-sized one I’d probably use it myself. #noshame


They are snuggly. I know this sounds really obvious from their name. But they are. They are one of the comfiest dog beds around, they used to be the comfiest but since the calming dog bed has come out, they’ve slipped back ever so slightly into second place.

These beds are made purely for your pooch pal’s comfort above all else. Most of the beds are filled with foam and then have a fleece lining for your dogs to feel super snuggly and at home in. Your puppy or dog will feel like they are snuggled up with a bunch of other dogs, soft, warm, and safe. The softness of the beds will make them snooze like they’ve never snoozed before.

They have snuggly sides. I know I’ve just mentioned this above, but I feel like it needs its own pro point. All dogs love to be a part of a pack, it gives them comfort and security, plus it’s their natural state to be in a pile of sleeping dogs. When puppies are born they naturally move into a pile to be warm and safe, adult dogs do too if you’ve ever noticed. A lot of animals pile up when sleeping because they are vulnerable when asleep, but also they use each other’s body heat during cold nights. It’s part of their natural instinct.

So even though snuggling up into a pile may sound insignificant, it really isn’t. It gives your dog peace, comfort and creates a natural setting for their mind and body. So sometimes it can be a problem if you have an only dog, or one who doesn’t really get on with others. They tend to be on their own, in a big empty bed, getting a cold draft and feeling isolated and unnatural – this is why your dog would much rather be sat with you than in their bed.

This is why I love dog beds with sides on them. The side of a dog bed – whether snuggly or hard, like on the plastic beds – gives your dog the impression that they aren’t alone. I know, it sounds really silly doesn’t it and you can dismiss it if you want, but it’s true. A dog loves and needs company.

The side of a dog bed makes your dog feel like they have another dog resting up against them, makes them feel more relaxed, safer, and less vulnerable. Giving them a better sleep but also putting them into a better mental state.

Snuggle beds are fantastic because they have snuggle sides too! The insides of these beds are made from soft fabrics, usually fleece which mimics the fur and body of another dog. They are also malleable, meaning the sides have a bit of give in them and will mould to your dog’s body as it sleeps.

They come in a variety of patterns and colours. I don’t know about you, but I love patterns and colours – for everything! The thing I probably love the most about fabric snuggle beds is they come in a massive variety of colours and patterns. I absolutely adore Cath Kidston style patterns and so anything slightly resembling that and I have to have it. The best dog beds come in branded patterns now too, like Danish Design & Fat Face – they have made a series of beds in collaboration and they are just divine!! I would have a house full of them if I could!

Having different designs and colours means they are perfect for every.single.home.everywhere. I challenge you to have a room you can’t match or compliment with one of these beds – go on, try!

These snuggle beds come in plain colours and/or patterns; some of them have a pattern on the inside of the bed but are plain on the outside. Some have a gorgeous pattern on the outside and then plain on the inside. They even make these snuggle dog beds with patterns both inside and out, and yep you guessed it, plain colours inside and out too.

Do you see how versatile they are to fit into any home space? With practically infinite styles and designs, they have something for every single taste.

Peanut in her Flamingo themed Snuggle bed!! © Copyright Strawberieve 2019

They come themed. These snuggle beds for dogs have themes! So cute!! They come in themes like country chic, nautical, contemporary, floral, royal, relaxed shabby chic, bright colours, dog patterns, baby themed (yes, baby themed), and more! The choices are endless and to be honest, if you’re anything like me you will be spoilt for choice and not know which one to actually buy!! We tend to have a dog bed (or three) in every room in the house, so having such a massive choice of styles and colours is fantastic when it comes to deciding which bed goes where.

They are washable. Snuggle beds for dogs are all fabric and fluff, meaning that they can be put in the washing machine – whole. Hallelujah!! If your dog gets a bit whiffy or muddy, their bed stinks too. Then that tends to stink out the whole house and there’s only so much Febreeze you can use till it’s time to wash the thing – the bed, not the dog, though you might want to bath your dog at the same time. Clean bed, clean dog.

All of the dog snuggle beds I’ve come across are just cushion and fluff, so washing them is a straight forward, shake the bits of toys and food out and then bung it in the washing machine kinda job. Being made from hardwearing fabric means they tend to wash incredibly well. I usually put mine on a 60 degree wash if one of the dogs is in season and it comes out clean and fresh every time. Because they are all cushion, they can also be re-shaped after a wash if they have gone a bit squiffy during the spin.

They can be dried. Again, another massive bonus with being fabric is that they can also go in the dryer!! Perfect!! I love the fact that all I need to do to clean the beds is shove them in the washer and then straight into the dryer, leaving me to get on with other things like dealing with the kids or working from home! I absolutely can’t praise enough anything that saves me time or makes my life easier and more efficient!!

They sell them everywhere. Like plastic dog beds, snuggle dog beds are sold practically everywhere. People recognise that comfort is key and they want to spoil their fur babies – and so they should! Manufacturers have made their snuggle dog beds available online and in shops. You can buy them from eBay, Amazon, garden centers, Just For Pets, Pets at Home, Bunty Pets, and other good pet shops online.

The last thing you want is to see the perfect snuggle dog bed on Instagram and then not be able to buy one yourself! Luckily, soft snuggle dog beds are so popular you can buy one pretty much anywhere. (I love shopping for my dogs!)

You can make them even comfier! Already padded out to the nines, these snuggle dog beds are still able to accommodate extra blankets and cushions – perfect for older dogs, puppies, and any dog after an operation. We love our dogs as if we birthed them ourselves (you know what I mean), so we want them to have the best we can give them and if that means an (already super comfy) snuggle dog bed with extra cushions then so be it!

They vary in price. This is what I love about snuggle dog beds and pet supplies in general now, they come in a wide range of prices. You can buy a super comfy, stylish snuggle dog bed and still afford to eat that week! There are some seriously expensive dog beds out there, but there is a gigantic range of patterned and coloured snuggle beds that are affordable for everyone. Meaning these chic, stylish and on-trend dog beds are accessible to everyone. That’s what I love.

They come in a good range of sizes. Most snuggle dog beds have sizes available from Chihuahua up to a German Shepherd, I haven’t yet come across one which would fit in our Dogue de Bordeaux which is really disappointing. There are plenty on the market that say they are suitable for Labradors and similar sized dog breeds though, it also depends on how your dog likes to actually sleep – our Dogues like to spread out rather than curl up most of the time!

They are well made. Most of the snuggle dog beds we have had over the years have been incredibly well made. The only dodgy ones were when we bought two from a really cheap seller on eBay. Now I’m not saying don’t buy from eBay, and I’m not saying cheap China-based beds are all crap because they are not. We’ve had some fab, cheap beds from China before now but honestly, I tend to buy dog beds from here in the UK or other countries now.

The majority of snuggle beds we have bought for our dogs have been fantastically made, strong stitching, loads of foam and cushioning, with thick fabric and so have lasted for a good few years of constant washing, kids playing in them, dogs fighting over them and being thrown around the room during pillow fights… sigh. You gotta love kids. The only trouble is they don’t last very long with a chewer.


They aren’t chew proof. As much as I would prefer to only have soft, snuggle dog beds around the house, I have dogs that like to de-stuff anything with fluff or fur. Even when they aren’t teething, my older dogs tend to have a sneaky savage of their dog toys and beds if they can.

Peanut our Pug will de-stuff anything smaller than her, the beds she never chews – we bought her a bright pink flamingo snuggle bed once, it had a long neck and everything and she adored it. She slept in it constantly, hardly ever left it, and never even attempted to de-stuff it. Then we got Evie, our Dogue de Bordeaux – she annilhilated it. In two days. As a 14 week old puppy. Poor Peanut was bereft!

Every snuggly dog bed we have had since has only lasted a few days without the corners being sneakily chewed, then slowly over time there is less and less fluff inside, the sides start to collapse and when they’re put in the washer they come out as just outer fabric and no insides left – with all the fluff being stuck inside my machine!

They aren’t waterproof. They are completely made from fabric and fluff – occasionally you can find one with a slightly waterproof bottom but that’s it. So if your pup isn’t housetrained and has an accident in their bed, you have to wash the whole thing. If your dog is in season, you have to wash the whole thing after she’s sat in it just once.

Because they aren’t waterproof you can’t just give them a quick disinfect and then put new blankets in. They have to go through the washer and then the dryer or out on the washing line, meaning the dog is without a bed for a few hours – which is ok if they have a spare but if you are going out somewhere it can be a pain knowing they won’t have a comfy bed to lie in. You will also feel the mum guilt of not having a soft, snuggly bed for your fur baby for a while – they will make you know they are suffering – our Peanut makes sure we know.

They can be expensive. I know that earlier on I said they can be great value, but they can also be mega expensive! Some of the branded ones are ridiculous and if you have a dog that chews everything, it’s a waste of money, to be honest. I know they look so much prettier and blend in better to your decor, but if they are going to be a tatty, half-chewed, misshapen mess after a few days then it’s a waste of money in my opinion.

They can change shape. When they have been through the washing machine and/or dryer they can become completely misshapen because they are all fabric and fluff and have no real structure to them. This is annoying when you have spent a small fortune buying it, or it took ages to find that particular style and pattern!! I bought a snuggle bed for Peanut once and after the first wash, it was ruined. I wouldn’t mind but I put it on a quick, 30 degree gentle wash to freshen it up as it smelt a little – it wasn’t even dirty as such! I was not happy! It cost me over £50!!

I really do love the snuggle dog beds and really, really wish I could have a Danish Design Fat Face collaboration dog bed in every room, but with Evie de-stuffing them all of the time I just have to resist buying them and lean towards the more practical dog beds instead. Hmph.

Hammock Dog Beds

Hammock dog beds are also known as raised dog beds, they look a bit like a kids camping bed and are quite new to the dog product world. If you’ve never heard of one, I strongly suggest you looking into them as they may be the perfect bed for your dog!

These beds are quite new to us here at Strawberieve, we’ve bought a few in the last 3 months and I am totally and utterly in love with them! Let me tell you why!


They are raised. Like their name suggests, hammock or raised dog beds are raised from the ground. That means they have space underneath them and only the bed’s feet touch the floor.

They are comfy. Because they are raised from the floor, these hammock beds for dogs are comfy! It’s kind of like a memory foam mattress for a dog, not as spongy but it moulds to their shape and in turn relieves any pressure, helping to prevent pressure sores which can occur in some older dogs.

You can also add as many pillows, quilts, and cushions as you like! Our dogs have a variety of different bedding which does include blankets, sheets, (double) quilts, and lots of cushions – most of them are made for people, not dogs, but I love giving my dogs gorgeous things I would also give to my kids!

(Memphis currently has a kids’ fleece blanket from Dunelm, covered in tigers- it’s so cute!! Plus, it only cost £5 for the big, quality fleece blanket and it is was much better value than buying a small, thin, lower quality, fleece dog blanket for the same price!)

Easier on the joints. The benefits of the actual dog bed being raised away from the floor are plenty. A raised hammock dog bed is ideal for dogs with joint problems, and may even help prevent some minor joint problems. Because the bed is raised, your dog isn’t actually resting on the cold, hard ground. Meaning the pressure is off their body, joints, and muscles, they are just floating almost. This will help to relieve the pain your dog might be feeling when lying down, this is especially ideal for older dogs or dogs who may have had an operation.

Less smelly. Hammock dog beds are also more hygienic because they are lifted from the floor and so the air can circulate around the dog bed better! They are made from breathable, mesh-like, camp bed material making them perfect for dogs! Remember earlier on when I said plastic dog beds have holes in the bottom for hygiene? These raised hammock dog beds are the next generation of that. The airflow keeps down the smell of manky dogs and lessens bacteria build up in their beds. Keeping the bed, the dog, and your house smelling better for longer!

You can hoover without the dog moving. This one I love, it sounds really minor but I love being able to hoover under these hammock dog beds without having to move the whole thing. We have Dogue de Bordeaux and a Pug, so we have the biggest sized hammock dog beds you can buy – so it makes my life soooo much easier to be able to hoover every day under the dog bed without having to move it. The dogs are grateful because they hate being moved when I’m hovering! Lazy sods.

Memphis on his puppy hammock bed Copyright 2021 Strawberieve

Different sizes. The raised dog beds come in different sizes, the biggest one I could find was classed as extra large and to be fair it fits our adult Dogue de Bordeaux (Evie), our Dogue puppy (Memphis), and Peanut the Pug with room to spare. The extra large size beds we have could easily fit two full grown Dogues comfortably. We currently have two extra large and one large raised bed, and the dogs fit on all of the beds together, without any issues.

They are washable. These hammock dog beds might be one of the best dog beds in the entire universe. They are completely washable, every single part of them. They are made from a camp bed, mesh-like material and so can be wiped down with disinfectant or washed with warm, soapy water – or even hosed down in the garden. You can pull them apart if you like and shove the actual material in the washer too!

The legs and frames of a raised hammock dog bed are usually metal or hard plastic. So they are super easy to clean too, a quick sponge over and they are clean, fresh, and hygienic!

They are quick to dry. Being made from camp bed material with metal or hard plastic legs, a hammock dog bed is super quick to dry after being washed down. The legs just need a quick wipe with some kitchen roll, the actual fabric comes out of the washing machine practically dry already. After literally a couple of minutes of air drying, the fabric is also ready to be used again. Straight away. Perfect for puppies and dogs in season who can get quite messy every time they use the bed. These hammock dog beds are also ideal for dogs with incontinence issues because they don’t soak up any liquids, as well as washing and drying quickly and easily.

I find the quick washing and drying times with my hammock dog beds an absolute godsend, as usually it needs doing just as I’m going out on the school run…

They are waterproof. Yeah, not just washable they are waterproof too. Even more perfect!!! Because of the material, any liquid spilt or put on the bed just drips straight off. It isn’t held in the material, it sits on top of it or drips through. The bed has tiny breathable holes in the fabric, so the water (or wee) can just go through. The hammock bed material also has a kind of plastic coating, meaning it really is waterproof, allowing the liquid to bead off or settle on the top ready to be soaked up with some kitchen roll or a cloth. The other good thing about being waterproof is that you can have them outside!

You can leave them outside. Because the hammock dog beds are waterproof they are perfect to use outside and even leave outside. We have one outside in our dog exercise run, it stays out in all weathers and even torrential rain hasn’t affected it in a bad way! Having a raised hammock dog bed outside means the dogs are elevated off the cold slabs at all times, kept off the wet floors if it has been raining, and gives the dogs somewhere comfy to sit while they wait for me to let them back in.

I’ve found that having a hammock dog bed is so much better than having a hard plastic bed or a kennel outside. We’ve had different kennels outside before and they always get wet and soggy from the dogs and then don’t dry out, so end up smelling and going mouldy. Yak!

It’s pretty much the same with the plastic dog beds; yes, they are waterproof but if you have blankets or cushions in them they get wet in the rain and then stink – making the dogs stink even more! If you have the hard plastic dog bed outside without blankets, then your dogs are left with a cold, hard bed to sit on, which isn’t ideal. Oh, and don’t even think about having one of the soft, fabric beds outside unless it’s dry and sunny!

This was always the issue I had with having any dog bed outside, but now we have the raised hammock dog beds I’m so much happier! The dogs have somewhere to sit that’s comfy and not on the hard slabs, the dogs are drier and less smelly, the beds are also more hygienic! Bonus!

Memphis & Peanut on one of their Hammock Dog Beds © Copyright Strawberieve 2021

They are strong af. You can buy hammock dog beds made from metal frames and hard plastic frames. We have both types and both are as strong as each other, managing to hold Dogue de Bordeaux, a Pug, and kids at the same time – without even batting an eyelid. My kids are constantly on and off the dogs’ beds, playing with the dogs, snuggling up with the dogs, and just pissing about, to be honest and yet the dog beds survive.

The fabric the dogs lie on is so strong that I’m not sure if it could be ripped by anything! It certainly stands up to the dogs’ nails incredibly well and doesn’t even mark when the Pug digs the bed trying to get comfy! Like I’ve said before, the hammock beds are made from a camp bed type material, kind of like on a trampoline actually, making them super tough and longlasting! I can’t wait to see how long these raised dog beds actually last, I’ll have to update the post when I find out.

They’re indestructible. So far our hammock dog beds haven’t been chewed by the dogs! (Yay!) Both Evie and Memphis have tried to chew the legs, the edge of the bed, and the fabric but they haven’t managed to make any dents or rips in any of it!! Not even tiny teeth marks! This is a massive win for us because every single bed we have ever had has been chewed by our dogs. The dogs we have now and dogs in the past have all successfully chewed different types of dog beds but not these raised hammock babies!

Great value for money. Depending on where you buy them from, the raised hammock beds are decently priced. With all of the positive points they have, they are an excellent value for money dog bed! Each of our extra large beds (with metal legs) was only £40 each, with free postage from Amazon. Total bargain!! The large, khaki raised bed we bought was from B&Ms, has plastic legs, and was only £15 a couple of weeks ago.

Considering that I’ve paid over £50 for one (Pug sized!) snuggle dog bed that didn’t last a week, I’m more than happy to spend £40 on an indestructible extra large hammock dog bed!!

I’m absolutely besotted with these raised hammock type dog beds and I just don’t know why I haven’t been using them before now! Honestly, if you’ve never tried one, please get one – you won’t be disappointed!


No sides. As much as I love the hammock beds, the biggest thing I’d like to see changed about them is to give them sides. You read earlier on in my post (or didn’t if you skipped it), that I love a dog bed to have sides on so a dog can snuggle up against it, finding comfort and peace. I wish these hammock beds for dogs had sides on them too.

It isn’t a major issue for me though, and it doesn’t put me off them because they are so fantastic in every other way I can let that go. My dogs have each other to snuggle with but a single dog might prefer a bed with sides to lean on.

Not colourful. Sadly, at the moment the hammock dog beds don’t come in a lot of different colours. I’ve only managed to find navy blue, black and khaki green. That’s it. No pretty colours, no patterns, no fun. They just kind of stick out like a sore thumb. Boring!! I love colours and patterns and my house is full of them, a boring navy blue dog bed just won’t do. #sorrynotsorry

I’m willing to sacrifice the lack of design though, just because they are so goddamn brilliant in every other way.

They stick out. They don’t blend into any decor in our house. To be fair, our khaki green one is the best dog bed colour wise as our living room is sage green and so it fits. The other beds we have are navy blue so don’t fit into our colour schemes at all!

They’re big. We have the largest hammock beds you can buy, so they physically stick out in every room they are in. They don’t fit up any corners of the room out of the way and you couldn’t hide them under a coffee table. But that’s the same with any dog beds we have, as we need giant ones of any type! I’m sure that if you had a smaller size it would fit into your space better.

Calming Dog Beds

Dog beds go through fazes, same as everything else. At the moment, calming dog beds are the latest craze and it’s no wonder!

Calming dog beds are basically snuggle beds made even more snuggly. They genuinely are the comfiest, softest dog beds around at the moment. They are incredibly popular and will be for some time to come I imagine because they are just so good for your dog!


Even more comfort. They are the comfiest dog beds around, without a doubt. They are made purely to give your pooch the comfort and relaxation they need and desire. The pros of having a calming dog bed are basically the same as a normal snuggle dog bed, except they are even more snugglesome!

They have wide, thick sides like a doughnut which your puppy or dog then sleeps in the center of. The center has a plush cushion for the pup to sleep on. They are made from what can only be described as long, fake fur plush material and cushioning. The calming aspect comes from the theory that the comfier the bed is, the calmer the dog is – like I was explaining earlier in this post! The two we have bought are incredibly soft! They are so soft that you could happily lay a baby on them.

Snuggly sides. Calming dog beds not only have sides all the way around, but they are also super soft! The sides of the dog beds are really soft, wide, and deep, meaning your pooch will feel completely surrounded at all times. They can also use the sides of the bed to rest their heads on for extra comfort and more sleeping position choices!

Having soft, furry, warm sides surrounding your dog will make them believe they really are lying in the middle of a litter of puppies. They will feel completely at ease in their safe, relaxing bed believing that they are protected at all times. Our dogs can only truly relax when they are in a sleeping pile because their brains won’t let them calm down unless they know they are safe.

We might not realise but our dogs spend most of their time in an alert state, this means they are in a more hyper watchdog kind of place mentally. They don’t completely, truly relax unless they know they are safe and protected. These anti-anxiety, calming dog beds provide that for your dogs.

I know I said this earlier, but I will repeat it again; a dog bed with sides gives your dog peace, comfort and creates a natural setting for their mind and body. Sometimes if you have an only dog or one who doesn’t really get on with others they tend to be on their own, in a big empty bed, getting a cold draft and feeling isolated and unnatural – this is why your dog would much rather be sat with you than in their bed.

If you have an only dog, I truly suggest getting them a calming doughnut dog bed. It will mimic a pack of protective dogs surrounding them better than any other dog bed will. Your dog can then feel like all their worries can drift away and they will have the best, deep sleep of their lives. They will be in a much better mental state, less hyper, less anxious, and more mentally well-rounded.

A dog’s natural state is to lie in a pile, keeping safe, feeling less vulnerable, and being warmer too. A calming, anti-anxiety dog bed can help give them that impression and make them feel happier. Think about how relaxed and happier you feel after a really good night’s sleep – having a super comfy, luxurious calming dog bed can do the same thing for your dog.

Fit for a Queen. These calming dog beds are super luxurious and give the impression that we have really treated our dogs to something special. Once you see and feel the sumptuousness of these dog beds you will imagine one of the Queen’s corgis snoozing by the fire – massively pampered and loving it! The choices of colours give the luxury an extra boost, with soft, contemporary colours they scream expensive.

Good prices. Considering these calming dog beds are the latest fad in the dog world, they are still super good value! I have no problems paying between £20 – £50 for one of these scrumptious dog beds!

They are everywhere. Did I mention that these anti-anxiety dog beds are super popular??? Well, they are, not just because of how fab they look, but because they actually work. They are so popular that every shop known to man is falling over themselves to sell them to us dog mums!

You can buy them from some garden centres, Amazon, eBay, Pets at Home, Just For Pets, Bunty Pets, Monster Pets, and pretty much every other pet shop online or in store! You can also buy them in your local markets and smaller, independent pet shops! There’s not really an excuse not to buy one, or three…

They are washable. They are even better than the usual snuggle dog beds because they are so soft, they squish into your washing machine even easier – you can get in a calming dog bed and some dog blankets in the same load. Being washable means you can keep your dog and home smelling fresher and cleaner always a bonus!

They dry. Being all fluff and fabric, these calming dog beds can be put in the dryer too – saving time when you need to wash and dry the beds because of those puppy toileting accidents! When you are busy, anything that can save you even a few minutes of time is a big help, by tumble drying your anti-anxiety dog bed you can get your dog back to being comfy and happy sooner.

Non-slip. Most of these calming, anti-anxiety dog beds have a thin, non-slip bottom to help keep the bed still when the dogs are getting in and out. With these beds being all cushion and no structure, having a non-slip bottom is a little way to make things a little easier for your dog. The non-slip bottoms are usually fabric, with little non-slip dots on the bottom, kinda like Totes slipper socks.

Colours! Yes, I love colours and the vast array of colours you can buy in these calming dog beds is fantastic! Just on one Amazon listing, there were baby blue, pastel pink, yellow, cream, light brown, dark brown, black, grey, navy, white, mint green and more!! Talk about being spoilt for choice!!! Having such a wide range of colours means you can get one in either your favourite colour or one to perfectly match your home.

Well made. I mentioned earlier that these calming dog beds are luxurious and I wasn’t kidding. I would absolutely love an adult sized one because I genuinely would lie on it constantly! I could quite happily sit in one and work on the laptop! The ones we have are very well made, tough stitching, strong fabric but genuinely incredibly soft. Like everything else, there are bound to be versions of these beds that aren’t as well made so just be careful where you buy them from.

One size fits most. Finding a dog bed big enough for a Dogue de Bordeaux can be tricky, really tricky and to be completely honest I haven’t found a calming dog bed big enough for ours yet. We have two light grey calming beds for Peanut our Pug and our new puppy Memphis, Memphis is a Dogue de Bordeaux though and so will very quickly grow out of his bed! Saying that though, most stockists of these dog beds supply beds suitable for Chihuahua sizes up to Labrador sizes – so if you have a young Bordeaux like us or a smaller dog breed, getting a calming bed will be easy peasy!


Our Pug sized Calming Dog Bed from Amazon

Too small (for us). Like I’ve just said, a calming dog bed for anything bigger than a Labrador seems to be as rare as unicorn shit. I really, really adore these beds and have sacrificed practicality for pure comfort and looks by buying them, but it’s just so annoying I can’t get and super large ones for Evie!

They get wet. They aren’t waterproof, so every time your pup wees or is sick on them, or you have a dog in season you have to wash the whole thing every.time. This can turn into a bit of a chore because it has to go through the washer, and then the dryer before your pup can use it again. Memphis just gives us a completely disgusted look and sits on the cold kitchen tiles until his bed is ready again – completely ignoring the rest of the comfy beds in the house!

Shape shifters. After a round in the washing machine, they can get a bit odd shaped, ours are less round and more oval now. I’ve even had to dry one of the beds with a heavy cupboard on top to try and keep the bottom flat, rather than curl up! It’s a pain in the arse. So far it’s not too bad because the dogs can still use them, but I worry that after I’ve washed them a few more times they will look a bit more like something Picasso would create.

They squish. These dog beds have no solid structures, just like a normal snuggle bed. They are all fluff and fabric and so if your extra large dog lies on them, they will squish into a fluffy pancake, meaning your dog is on the hard floor after all and the puppy is left trying to balance on a single wisp of fluff that is sticking out.

They can be chewed. Due to being super sumptuously soft, and luxurious, these anti-anxiety dog beds are all fabric and fluff – a perfect combination for any dog that likes to chew or de-stuff things. They won’t last very long. As I sit in bed typing right now, I’m looking at my pup sleeping in his calming bed and am in total awe that Evie hasn’t tried to eat the bed yet – I mean, I’ve had it a week so she’s being a bit slow in her attack this time. I’ll probably wake up in the morning to find just a pile of fluff and a puppy somewhere underneath it all!

Which Dog Bed Do I Think Is Best?

Personally, as much as I absolutely love the practicality of the hammock beds and plastic dog beds, I really love the luxury and designs of the snuggle and calming dog beds!

The snuggle and calming dog beds give me the sense of providing beds that my fur babies truly deserve but the practical side of my overrules most of the time!

So I would say that the raised, hammock dog beds are the best all-round dog beds – they are longlasting, can be made as comfortable as you want them to be and can withstand a really good chew!

We currently have 3 hammock dog beds, 1 plastic bed and 1 calming bed for our dogs but I recommend the raised hammock type of dog bed you can buy from Amazon for your fur baby.

Peanut has more beds than anyone, including ours – but prefers a cardboard box sometimes!

Of course, just because you’ve bought an actual dog bed doesn’t mean your dog will sleep in it… they may prefer an old cardboard box, sigh!!!

I really hope this Ultimate Guide to Dog Beds has helped you make a decision on which dog bed is best for your dog or puppy! If it has helped you in any way, please share this post on social media to help others!

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