All Breeds Hips Score Summary 2005-2019 PDF (Most Recent Report)



The below table outlines the median hip score for each breed screened under the CHS Hip Dysplasia Scheme. The breed median score is the ‘middle’ score for all dogs’ in that breed (i.e. an equal number of dogs in that breed have scored higher or lower than the median score).

Hip scores should be considered along with other criteria as part of responsible breeding programme. It is recommended that breeders choose breeding stock with hips scores around, and ideally below, the 5-year breed median score.

By representing dogs scored in the last 15 years, a more accurate reflection of each breed’s current state of health and improvement is given. The 5-year median here refers to dogs scored between 1st January 2015 and 31st December 2019.

Scores by the British Veterinary Association, Canine Health Schemes.

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