The Destroyer of Worlds

Mason is our rescue parrot! He’s an Alexandrine parakeet – which is the bigger (noisier) cousin of the Indian Ringneck!

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Where did you adopt Mason from?

We adopted Mason after seeing an ad online to rehome him.

The ad stated that he was 3-4 years old, hand-reared, human friendly but the couple was moving and couldn’t take him with them.

We had been checking with rescue centres before this looking for a bird to fit our family.

What kind of bird is Mason?

He’s an Alexandrine parakeet.

Parakeet means he’s a smaller breed of parrot, but Alexandrines are actually the biggest of all parakeets.

Alexandrine parrots were named after Alexander the Great, who brought them to different countries from South Asia.

They are classed as Near Threatened due to a steep decline of them in the wild.

What the F happened to Mason’s wing??

We can only guess!!!

When we adopted Mason we immediately noticed what terrible condition he was in, and also his badly damaged wing.

We took him to a specialist avian vet who did x-rays and blood tests. They told us that over half of his right wing had been RIPPED away!!!

The vet said that in his 20+ years of being a bird vet, he had never seen such horrific abuse to a bird. The vet suggested poor Mason had suffered someone actually ripping his wing off.

We discussed pain and whether Mason would recover or ever be able to move his wing – flying was out of the question. The vet said the bones that were left had broken so badly they were splintered and shattered, then they had tried to heal themselves and come back together in the wrong places, meaning they were in the wrong place/shape and were calloused now. The bones would probably never extend fully.

The vet gave us some painkillers for him just in case he was still in pain and said there was nothing else we could do for him apart from amputating what was left of his wing.

We returned back to the vet a few weeks later and the vet decided Mason wouldn’t benefit from amputation as he didn’t appear to be in too much pain, plus it would cause him too much distress and more pain for no gain.

So now Mason lives his life with us, in multiple (constantly open) cages and climbing frames around the house as he can’t fly and we carry him from place to place giving him a bigger, more enjoyable environment.

The people we rescued him from have been reported to the police and the RSPCA.

It turns out they had other birds in their home – and a multitude of listings to rehome them – they were overbreeding those poor birds for pure money. Sickening.

How old is Mason then?

We don’t know for sure, the previous owner said he was about 3-4 years old in 2020 but our vet said he was much younger and is probably more like 2 years old (in 2020).​

We will never know for sure, but Alexandrine parrots can live for 25-30 years, so he’s actually a baby still and we’ve got plenty of time with him

How is Mason now?

Considering he was abused, tortured, and left in bad conditions, he is doing good!

He hadn’t been hand-reared and was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything when he first came to us.

We’ve put in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to help him overcome his horrific start. (I had two crushed/broken fingers to prove it!)

He will now move over towards us to take food out of our hands, he will also let us pick him up on a pole to move him from room to room – but sometimes he startles easily and will try and jump away! Argh!

It’s an incredibly slow process but we are dedicated and so we know we will get there. the vet is amazed at Mason’s progress so far. 🙂

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