Dogue de Bordeaux Ideal Weight

If you’ve ever Googled ‘How much should my Dogue weigh?’ you’re bound to have found thousands of blog posts talking about Dogue de Bordeaux ideal weight – but some of them don’t even answer the question! But I do…

So what is the ideal weight for an adult Dogue de Bordeaux?

Too much information can be confusing, so I’ll try and break things down to make them easier – and quicker – to take in!

How Heavy Should A Bordeaux Be?

We all worry about our dogs, we just want them to be healthy, happy and in good shape. And our dog’s weight can be something we worry about a lot! Are they too fat? Too skinny? Are they getting enough vitamins and minerals etc???

It’s enough to make your mind melt!

A lot of people ask ‘How heavy should my Dogue de Bordeaux be?‘ – including me!!

The quick answer is that the ideal weight for a Dogue de Bordeaux is between 45kg – 68kgs.

But just because your Bordeaux weighs about 50kgs doesn’t mean they are at their correct weight – each dog has their own unique weight. (Just to make things more complicated! 🙄 )

All dogs are different, even within the same breed.

Their body shape will have a lot to do with their genetics even before how much we feed them comes into play. It also depends on their sex, because males tend to be bigger built than females.

The Kennel Club UK logo
The Kennel Club logo

What Does The Kennel Club Standard Say?

The Kennel Club standard for show dogs recommends that an adult male Dogue de Bordeaux should weigh a minimum of 50kgs (110lbs) and that an adult female Dogue de Bordeaux should weigh a minimum of 45kgs (99lbs).

Most people recommend keeping your Dogue’s weight between the range of 45kg – 68kg. This also depends on your dog’s body shape, condition, sex and age.

A Dogue de Bordeaux is classed as an ‘adult’ after 12 months of age, but they continue to grow and develop until they are about 18-24 months old. So your ‘adult’ Bordeaux may still be ‘small’ and not fill out completely until they are almost 2 years old!

How Else Can You Find Out If Your Dogue Is A Healthy Weight?

Evie's Legend at Strawberieve at 11 months old with Peanut the Pug photobombing! An example of a good body condition score for a Dogue de Bordeaux
Evie at 11 months old copyright Strawberieve – Peanut the Pug photobombing!!

Another good way to make sure your Dogue de Bordeaux is an ideal weight is to have a look at their body shape – also known as their body condition.

This is easy to do; when your dog is standing up, stand over them and look down over the top of them. Pay close attention to their waist and ribs.

The photo of Evie above is an example of a good body condition – although she makes it a bit difficult to tell when she’s sat down!! 🙄

All dogs, including the Dogue, are meant to taper in towards their bum, meaning they should have an obvious waist. It’s also normal to just make out your Dogue’s ribs under the skin – but not for the ribs to stick out.

If a Dogue is at their ideal weight, they shouldn’t have ribs, shoulders or hips sticking out of their skin. Their shoulders, hips and ribs should just be visible and not disappear into excess fat.

Example of a dog body condition score of 5 (overweight) to discover the dogue de bordeaux ideal weight range
An example of a Dogue de Bordeaux body condition score of 5

Your Dog’s Body Condition Score

If you Google ‘dog body shape condition chart‘, you will come up with a lot of different infographics to give you an idea as to what a healthy shape looks like.

Vets, dog rescues and charities also use a body condition chart along with the actual weight of a dog to help determine a dog’s health.

Just remember that these weight guides and body score condition guides are not to be taken as strict numbers – all dogs are different and so what weight might suit one dog, won’t suit another.

Below is a dog body condition chart from Bella & Duke, the commercial raw food specialists. You can see the difference between skinny and overweight but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to tell if your dog is slightly over or underweight – this is why it’s important to weigh them, but use a bit of common sense with their genetics too.

Dogue de Bordeaux can come smaller or larger boned just like us humans can!

Dog body condition score chart for working out a dogue de bordeaux ideal weight
What is your Dogue’s body condition score?

Ideally, your Dogue de Bordeaux should score a 3 on the body condition chart. If they score 2 or 4 then it isn’t too much of a worry, you may just need to exercise them more or carefully reduce how much food they eat.

If your dog scores 1 on the dog body condition chart, please increase their daily food intake asap and take them to a vet for advice as their low weight may be due to another health problem.

The same with a condition score of 5, take your Dogue to the vets for some advice. Your dog might be eating too much during the day, eating the wrong kind of things, not taking enough exercise or may have a health issue.

It is always best to get help and advice from someone rather than just ignoring the problem due to embarrassment or worry.

So, as you can tell, knowing how heavy your Dogue de Bordeaux should be isn’t as simple as just having a number on some scales!

dogue de bordeaux ideal weight
Evie’s Legend at Strawberieve 8 months old

Now You Know An Ideal Weight For A Dogue

Now you know that your Bordeaux should weigh between 45kg – 68kg but also have a good body condition score.

When trying to make sure your Dogue is at its correct weight remember to take into account their genetics, body shape, condition, age, sex and actual weight!

If you don’t feel confident judging your Bordeaux body condition score, just pop to your vets and ask them to have a quick look over your Dogue. They will weigh them and have a good look at their body condition to give you peace of mind.

I hope you found this post useful! Please share it if you did! 😊

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