Honest Characteristics of the Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux Personality

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a fantastic breed, I’m biased but I’m right!

Here is a quick run down of their personality traits and characteristics – but trust me when I say that even this doesn’t do them any justice, they truly are an absolutely fantastic dog and I’ll always want one (or 6) in my life!

• Great with other dogs
• Great with other animals
• Fantastic with kids
• Very loyal
• Loving
• Big babies
• Calm
• Even tempered
• Silly
• Sweet
• Needy
• Happy to meet new people
• Will guard your home
• Adaptable
• Playful
• Tolerant
• Trainable
• Happy to just chill out
• Happy to walk/run lots
• Clever
• Like to sleep
• Will want lots of snuggles
• Devoted
• Can be stubborn sometimes
• Drool a lot
• Shed hair
• Will bark at intruders
• Form strong bonds
• Gentle
• Ok if left alone
• Not bothered about roaming off on their own
• Fearless
• Powerful

Best Dog Breed Ever!

Dogue de Bordeaux are incredibly loving and gentle; they love being with their family and are brilliant with kids and animals.

They will want to follow you from room to room, sit on your knee or at least next to you on the settee!

We always said our dogs wouldn’t be allowed on the furniture, but we soon changed our minds!

Even if you say ‘no’, they tend to try and creep up, one leg at a time, going slowly as if you can’t see their giant bodies climbing onto the settee.

Bordeaux are easy to train too, they love to be busy learning new things and are happy to train if they get fuss as a reward. Our dogs love to please and will do anything for a snuggle and to be called a ‘good boy/girl’.

Our dogs are definitely Mummy’s Boys and Daddy’s Girls!

Saying that though, they can be stubborn and a little reluctant sometimes, if they don’t want to get out of their nice warm bed and go out for a wee then they will pretend they haven’t heard you.

Then they will give you the side eye, then they will give you the big puppy eyed pleading look before sighing loudly and dragging themselves out of bed!

What's the Dogue de Bordeaux Personality Like? Find out what characteristics the DDB (French Mastiff) have and why they are such amazing, laid back, gentle, loving and loyal dogs! @strawberieveddb

Silly But Clever

One of my favourite things about them is that they can be silly and goofy. DDB are quite clever but sometimes you will watch them do something and wonder if they have any brains at all!

Sliding off the settee or bed is one of my favourite silly things they do, they will get both front legs off, but then very slowly slide off the furniture as if their whole body is made of jelly.

Dogues are fantastic with kids too, they are so loving and gentle, they are calm and even tempered and will tolerate a lot of noise, messing about and hassle.

Your Kids Best Friend

Copyright 2022 Strawberieve – Evie & her little human

Obviously, you shouldn’t let your kids do whatever they want to your Dogue, or maul them about, but your Dogue will usually let your kids lie all over them without bothering too much.

I’m not saying you should leave your dogs and kids unsupervised, or let your kid pester the dog, you have to be sensible and safe, but all of our Dogues have always acted like a nanny or a friend to our kids and never even raised a lip towards them.

The dogs are loyal, they love to make strong bonds with their people and can be protective over their home and family – meaning they can bark when someone comes to the door!

Ours bark at strangers coming to the house, but as soon as that person comes in, they act like they’re best friends and demand fuss and attention straight away!

They’ll lean on and slobber on anyone who might give them a stroke or a treat. They just want to be friends with everyone, they are such sweethearts they really are.

What's the Dogue de Bordeaux Personality Like? Find out what characteristics the DDB (French Mastiff) have and why they are such amazing, laid back, gentle, loving and loyal dogs! @strawberieveddb

Active But Lazy

DDB are happy to be active or just slob around the house, they are really good at adjusting to situations and are so laid back they could be asleep.

They are happy for a day out walking, running, and swimming or just as happy for a lazy Sunday by the fire watching TV.

They tend to be good on the lead, but they are really powerful dogs, and they will pull you everywhere if you don’t train them and sometimes even if you have trained them!

I love the fact they like to stay with you when out and about, even running free they never seem to go too far away from you, preferring to stay with their pack rather than chase strange rabbit smells.

They aren’t collies who are super hyper all of the time, they are quiet and chilled, and this is what makes them fantastic pets for people of all ages.

But they are clever, they love to solve puzzle games and will respond really well to training, some Dogues even enjoy agility classes!

Being so laid back means that Dogue de Bordeaux are also easy to look after, (if they are trained and socialised properly) and they aren’t bothered when it comes to bath time, grooming or visiting the vets.

Evies Legend at Strawberieve 2021 - Copyright Strawberieve. Evie the Dogue de Bordeaux (DDB) chilling in her basket and wearing her cool blue sunglasses! #cooldogs #ddb #doguedebordeaux #sillydogs #coolasfuck
Copyright 2021 Strawberieve – Evie chilling with her shades on!

You could get away with dressing your Dogue up in a costume and they would just sit and look at you with those sad, droopy eyes while you did it. Then lick your face, covering you in a mass of drool to say thanks!

Dogue de Bordeaux Characteristics & Personality - Find out what characteristics the DDB (French Mastiff) have and why they are such amazing, laid back, gentle, loving and loyal dogs! @strawberieveddb #ddb #doguedebordeaux #frenchmastiff #dogbreeds #personality #characteristics #breedcharacteristics #strawberieveddb Share this on Pinterest! Twitter! Facebook! :)

Sharing (Drool) Is Caring!

One of the things they do best is drool – so it’s a good idea to always have a cloth or wet wipes handy. We go through tonnes of wet wipes and kitchen roll just for drool.

If you like to be super squeaky clean all of the time, then a Dogue might not be for you.

They drool more than anything else, it will be on your coffee table, your legs, settees, kitchen cupboards, kids, handbags, the walls… it will drip into your shoes as they sit watching you eat. Sometimes you will get soaked!

I particularly love the drool they always leave in the water bowl; they somehow manage to drink (spill) all of the water but leave all the drool in the bottom. It’s gross but kind of funny too.

What's the Dogue de Bordeaux Personality Like? Find out what characteristics the DDB (French Mastiff) have and why they are such amazing, laid back, gentle, loving and loyal dogs! @strawberieveddb #ddb #doguedebordeaux #frenchmastiff #dogbreeds #personality #characteristics #breedcharacteristics #strawberieveddb Share this on Pinterest! Twitter! Facebook! :)

Your New Shadow

They will follow you everywhere. When I say they are needy, I mean in a sweet way, they will become your shadow and want to be with you always.

They will accept they have to be left alone sometimes and will be ok, but they prefer to be with people, so you’ll never have to go to the bathroom alone anymore! Aren’t you lucky!!

They have no sense of personal space either.

Eating a biscuit? They will be nose to nose with you.

Sitting on the settee? Yep, so is your Dogue – usually on your knee!

Mine try to drink my cups of tea… as I lift my cup to my mouth.

They will also nudge you for attention a lot, even if you are sitting together on the settee, they will look back at you and nudge you until you stroke them.

You won’t forget they are there!

What Else Can I Say?

Copyright 2022 Strawberieve – Evie, Peanut & Memphis

What else can I say about the gorgeous, ginger Dogues?? Honestly, there’s too much to say! I could write about them forever – any DDB lover could.

I will finish by saying that by choosing to share your life with Dogue de Bordeaux you are truly in for a treat.

You will have a constant companion who will love you more than life itself forever. You’ll laugh, cry, shout and cuddle and love every single minute of it!

Adopting a Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the best things you will ever do!

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